Time of Use Tariff Integration

Automatically save up to 35% more with our self-optimising system.


Agile Octopus Integration


 Save up to 35% more on your electricity bills.

Agile Octopus is a tariff provided by Octopus Energy. The tariff reflects the wholesale cost of electricity as it changes throughout the day in half-hourly periods. This means that if you can shift your electricity usage to times when electricity costs less, you can reduce your electricity bill. MasterTherm heat pumps automate this process, so all you have to do is set your preferred temperatures and heating schedules and your heat pump will self-optimise to deliver your preferences as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible to save you money. 

MasterTherm heat pumps also factor in outdoor temperatures and weather forecasts to ensure consistent climate comfort without you having to lift a finger.

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Octopus Energy


The pGDx Heat Pump Controller


 Providing complete visibility and control.

The MasterTherm pGDx controller sets a new precedent for heat pump controllers. The Wi-Fi enabled controller offers complete connectivity and visibility for customers including energy usage and tariff pricing via open API with providers such as Octopus Energy and Open Weather – an industry first. 

The API connection enables the pDGx and MasterTherm smartphone app to display the Agile Octopus electricity tariff as it changes every half hour, also indicating if the tariff is cheap, average or expensive providing you with complete transparency on what you're paying for your energy at all times.

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pGDx Heat Pump Controller


Benefits of Agile Octopus with MasterTherm Heat Pumps

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Save Money

When you use the Agile Octopus tariff with your MasterTherm heat pump you can save up to 35% more on your energy bill, on top of the already low cost of running a heat pump. 

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See What You're Spending

Using the MasterTherm pGDx user interface or smartphone app you can easily see how much energy you're using and how much it's costing to help you budget.

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Fully Automated

Once you set your temperature preferences and heating routines you can sit back and relax as the system automatically manages your heating for you.

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Carbon Free

Heat pumps produce carbon and the Agile Octopus tariff is powered by 100% renewable electricity which means your system will be carbon-free.