Heat pumps for Social Housing

Heating of residential buildings, schools and large buildings.

The possibilities are endless


Heat Pumps have the capability to heat any building with the correct heating distribution system. Successful applications include farms, supermarkets, hotels and server buildings. With the ever increasing costs of traditional fuels, heat pumps are a convenient, yet cost effective alternative.

Heat pumps can be utilised for heating and cooling regardless of size. Current heat pumps have the capacity to provide hundreds of kilowatts of heating/cooling power with substantially lower operating costs compared to other heating/cooling methods.

The same principle with a very short payback


The principle of heat pumps with high outputs is no different from heat pumps used for heating houses. The source from which it draws heat at low temperature, therefore, can be water, earth and air. The heat source must however be much more substantial.

For example, in the case of a heat pump water-water flow rate must be greater, in the case of a heat pump type ground-water horizontal collectors must be available to the larger surface area and heat pump air-water greater airflow.

What type of a heat pump capacity will bring the biggest savings?

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