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"Having heard many horror stories prior to installing our ground source heat pump, I was understandably sceptical when it came to installing. I must say that it has surpassed all expectations! My home feels far more comfortable with consistent heat all day long. In addition to the added comfort, my fuel bills have been slashed. "
J. Wignall, Midlands
"By installing a heat pump from Master Therm I've got complete comfort in terms of heating the house. "
J. Pead, South Wales
"MasterTherm have been a pleasure to deal with since day one. Their team of enthusiastic professionals provided wholly accurate, reliable and indiviaully tailored advice. Their customer service is first class and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends, family or otherwise. "
N. Hicks, Cornwall


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21 years collect awards around the world

Thousands of successful applications throughout Europe

More than 90% of MasterTherm heat pumps are used for heating houses, whether in the Czech Republic or abroad.