MasterTherm Heat Pump noise levels

How we limit the noise levels on

MasterTherm units:

  • Low-speed fans with super low noise level
  • Quiet scroll compressors, located in the indoor unit on an anti-vibration frame
  • Electronic expansion valve (EEV), ensuring a smoother and quieter operation
Super silent DC fans on all MasterTherm BoxAir units


Shhhh. How quiet are MasterTherm heat pumps?


Noise Example
160 dB spacecraft starting (at 200 dB)
150 dB jet take-off (at 25mtrs)
140 dB aircraft carrier deck
130 dB jet afterburner
120 dB thunderclap
110 dB car horn (at 1mtr)
100 dB power lawnmower
90 dB newspaper press
80 dB food blender
70 dB vacuum cleaner
60 dB office
50 dB electrical transformer
41 dB MasterTherm BoxAir (outdoor dB "A", 480 r / min, at a distance of 5mtr)
40 dB library
30 dB quiet rural area
20 dB rustling leaves
0 dB silence