Cooling with MasterTherm Heat Pumps


MasterTherm heat pumps can, when purchased with an additional module, provide whole-house cooling With state of the art cooling control and functions, heat pumps can offer a cost effective cooling alternative. Cooling is available in both passive and reversible form.

Passive cooling: cold free?

The AquaMaster range of heat pumps can be factory fitted with a passive cooling module that allows cooling of the system water in the building by circulating the cool water from the ground directly into the property. It only costs the energy of circulating the pumps in the system. An additional advantage of this is the system moves the warm energy from the building to the ground array thus charging the ground with energy throughout the summer ready to be extracted during the winter. Super efficient use of renewable energy!

Full cooling

The MasterTherm system can reverse its operation to provide full cooling of the building. The system operates with low temperature cooling water in combination with wall or fan coil convector heaters, these provides quick reaction cooling with a stream of cold air, like traditional air conditioning.

A passive cooling system with higher cooling water temperature is the more energy efficient (does not waste energy on moisture condensation) of these 2 systems but has limitation on capacity. Cooling water fed to the floor or wall heating system and gradually cooled utilising the construction of the house is the most efficient. When this option is chosen for our heat pumps, we recommend a room unit with dewpoint measurement which will reduce the temperature of the cooling water to prevent condensation of atmospheric moisture.