Case Study: Martins Field, Caerphilly County Council



Martins Field in Newbridge, Caerphilly is a community of 20 housing units. The properties used inefficient night storage heaters and feedback from the tennants to Caerphilly County Council highlighted high operating costs and inconsistent levels of heat resulting in poor comfort levels. The properties include a mix of semi detached houses and apartments in close proximity to one another, which was one of the contributing factors toward the decision to use a ground source heat pump shared ground loop system. The properties were fitted with an AQ17i MasterTherm ground source heat pump in the property storage cupboard. Each heat pump was then connected to one of 10 boreholes, drilled in the carpark and land surrounding the properties. As each property has its own heat pump, residents can set their preferred heating schedule and temperatures and continue to use their preferred electricity provider - giving residents complete control.


Key Facts

Property: 20 residential units including flats and semi detached houses

Location: Caerphilly

Heat Pump Type: Ground Source

Heat Pump Model: 20 x AQ17i AquaMaster Inverters

Total Output: 1-5kW per heat pump



Martinsfield Newbridge
Heat Pump installation at Martinsfield Newbridge


Ground source heat pump installed at Martinsfield Newbridge

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