Case Study: Etopia Developments



Etopia Developments Ltd specialise in building high quality, sustainable homes which promote eco living. After an initial consultation our AquaMaster Inverter Combi was selected as the most appropriate heat pump for the project. The space-saving AquaMaster Inverter Combi features an integrated domestic hot water tank and solar heat exchanger - ideal as the properties in the development also benefit from solar technologies. These highly efficient heat pumps are equipped with several features including:

  • Inverter technology for increased unit lifespan and efficiency
  • Zone control for up to 6 heating circuits
  • Space saving integrated hot water tank
  • Passive cooling functionality
  • Weather compensation (can detect outdoor weather temperatures and increase/decrease output without homeowners needing to adjust the system)
  • Low noise output
  • 7 year warranty
  • Online control via internet browser or smartphone apps
  • Remote diagnostics through online monitoring (Reduces need for callouts)
  • Compatibility with variable tariffs such as Agile Octopus

Key Facts

Property: Variety of 2-4 bedroom houses and apartments

Location: Corby

Heat Pump Type: Ground Source Heat Pump

Heat Pump Model: MasterTherm AquaMaster AQ22iC

Total Output: 2-7kW per heat pump



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