Case Study: Bro Castell



Bro Castell is a Wales and West Housing community made up of 10 flats and bungalows. A new, low-carbon heating system was required to replace inefficient overnight storage heaters and improve the comfort of residents. With limited space within the properties, the MasterTherm AquaMaster AQ17i was recommended. The AQ17i is capable of fitting into small areas and also provides a heat output upto 5kW to deliver sufficient heating to each of the residents within the Bro Castell community. Due to the amount of of flats and bungalows placed in one area the best solution was to use a shared ground loop system. This method involved drilling boreholes in the Bro Castell car park (located directly outside the flats and bungalows) around 100m deep.

"Due to pandemic we were not able to change to a smart meter for nearly a year and were charged our usual bill of £140 a month which related to old economy 7 heaters. When our meter was changed, our energy provider refunded us £800 as since the new system was installed our energy bill dropped to £37 a month."  Kevin and Maureen Bura, Bro Castell Residents


Key Facts

Property: 10 residential units including flats and bungalows

Heat Pump Type: Ground Source

Heat Pump Model: 10 x AQ17i AquaMaster Inverters

Total Output: 1-5kW per heat pump



Bro Castell Development
AQ17i installed in airing cupboard


AQ17i Ground Source Heat Pump

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