The benefits of fitting a MasterTherm Heat Pump


1st Protection against rising energy prices

There is no doubt that the costs of energy and fuel will only increase. Any price increases will only affect the heat pump marginally, unlike those with Oil, Gas and LPG boilers. Around 70-80% of the energy required is extracted in the from latent heat stored in the air, ground and water.

2nd Economic heating

The heat pump can, in some cases, save up to an incredible 75% of energy costs. The low operating costs of a heat pump provides great savings, ensuring a quick return on investment.

3rd Quick Return

Investing in a heat pump without grant payments or financial aid will see the revestment in 7-12 years compared to LPG. Those benefitting from the Renewable Heat Incentive can see a return in as little as 3 years. For more information, specifically how much you can save by fitting a heat pump, contact us on 01269 833102.

4th Grant Payments

All MasterTherm AquaMaster (Ground-source) and BoxAir (Air-source) heat pumps are MCS accredited therefore qualifying for the Domesitc and Non-Domestic RHI.

5th Reduced Carbon Footprint

Low energy consumption minimises the impact on the environment. Most of the heat for heating, cooling or hot water is taken directly from our surroundings, limiting the impact on the environment. Compared to conventional heating methods, the emission of particulate matter (ash, dust, etc), and carbon gases (mainly CO2) into our atmosphere is significantly reduced.

6th Comfort

Modern technology and control provides customers with a comfortable and simple operation. Control the heat pump from the comfort of your sofa with our internet control application available on iOS and Android compatible devices. A ‚fit and forget‘ system, there is no interaction necessary between homeowner and heat pump aside from a regular service by your nominated installer.

7th Cooling

MasterTherm heat pumps have the capability to cool buildings during summer months (additional module required – please contact your installer). Even when in cooling mode, hot water can be produced.

8th Year-round Operation

During the summer period when there is little demand on heating, priority will be given to hot water production. MasterTherm heat pumps have the capacity to provide heating for both indoor and outdoor pools. During the summer months, benefit from free hot water! The intergrated solar controller can detect solar gain and alternates hot water production from the heat pump to solar.