Arguably the most comfortable heat pump

All MasterTherm heat pumps can be connected to the Internet. Users have the ability to control and monitor units fromt he Web, iPad or mobile phone (android or iOS).

iOS App (iPad, iPhone)

Use test login (login: demo, Password: demo-mt)

Android App

Use test login (login: demo, Password: demo-mt)


MasterTherm: Living with Online Control

Online Control tutorial

Comfort at your fingertips!

  • Comfortable operation of the heat pump and heating circuits all incl. DHW
  • Application for iPad, Android, iPhone
  • Access from anywhere using a web interface
  • Extremely easy to connect the heat pump to the Internet
  • No regular fees for a static IP address
  • No requirement to setup router – Plug and go!
  • Online operational monitoring and reporting of error alarms

User friendly web and smartphone applications allow you to alter heat pump settings and even room temperatures for those zones fitted with our intelligent PAD controller wall terminalAmend operating parameters of all MasterTherm heat pumps from the comfort of your desk or couch using a PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

The intuitive, clearly presented graphical interface of the application allows control of three operating areas: the heat pump unit, the temperature of the individual rooms/zones and domestic hot water temperature.