EasyMaster Indoor Split - Air Source Heat Pump

Flexible solution for complete indoor installation
If outdoor installation is not possible and space is limited by existing plant rooms, this is the solution. The split design of the unit allows easy handling and great flexibility of the existing plant room layout. All the advantages of the EasyMaster are retained.
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Reduce your energy bills by up to 75%

There is no doubt that the costs of energy and fuel will increase at a similar pace as in recent years.
As energy prices increases, the heat pump running costs would only rise marginally.

Comfort at your fingertips

All MasterTherm heat pumps can be connected to the Internet. Users have the ability to control and monitor units fromt he Web, iPad or mobile phone (android or iOS).

The heat pump is monitored and data on heating is regularly scanned by installer, distributor and manufacturer.

Unique in technology and processing

Ultra quiet

New style DC fan ensures
minimal noise disruption

7 years warranty

The robust and reliable design
allows for an industry leading
7 year warranty

Maximum comfort

Internet module allows for remote control of all units
via iOS, Android or any other web enabled device

100% Czech production

Product development and production

Segmented construction

Lower spatial requirement offering greater adaptability.

Record savings

Thanks to inverter technology, MasterTherm heat pumps can offer additional savings compared to alternative heat pumps on the UK market

Electronic expansion valve

Electronically controlled expansion valve (EEV) allows seemless control of the refrigerent circuit. Increases heat pump efficiency (COP), operational reliability and lifetime of the appliance.

Intelligent optimisation

The heat pump will match the demand of the building, never providing higher temperatures than required thus operatesing with maximum efficiency.


Desuperheater option can be fitted to provide high temperature, yet efficient domestic hot water.

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Free quotation available within 48 hours.