Heat pump

Heat from the earth, water and air. Efficiently, comfortably while reducing your carbon footprint.


Up to 75% lower energy bills

Energy for your building: from the ground, water or air

The majority of the heat produced by a heat pump is taken from our surroundings. The ground, air and water harnesses solar energy, charged through sunlight and is therefore freely available. The operating costs of the heat pump are dependent only on electricity prices.

Financial Support

Grant payments available through the UK Governments Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (terms and conditions apply, see Ofgem).

Cooling mode

MasterTherm heat pumps have the capability to cool buildings during summer months (additional module required – please contact your installer). Even when in cooling mode, hot water can be produced.

Live in comfort thanks to MasterTherm Online Control

Unattended heating or cooling: requiring little effort or time

The heat pump is a fully automatic appliance. All MasterTherm heat pumps are now supplied with the capability to connect to internet. When connected, clients can enjoy the added benefit of a 7 year warranty together with full control of the appliance through our iOS, Android or Web service. The warmth of your home and full control at your fingertips..
Internet service is also used for on-line monitoring and diagnostics operation by both manufacturer, distributor and installer.

Ennvironmentally friendly

Heat pumps: one of the cleanest ways of heating

Most of the energy for heating, cooling or hot water is obtained by using a heat pump directly from our surroundings.....

Compared to the conventional heating methods, heat pumps do not give off harmful/toxic fumes (CO2) and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient forms of heating for your building. For every kWh, approximately 20-30% is from a non-renewable source. The remaining 70-80% is harnessed unobtrusively from our surroundings.

Efficiency (utilisation of the input energy) heating sources:
Classic wood-fired boiler 0,75
Electric heaters 0,98
Gas condensing boiler 1,02
Ground water heat pump4,7

Pioneers in heat pump technology

Ultra quiet

New style DC fan ensures minimal
noise disruption

7 year warranty

The robust and reliable
design allows for an industry
leading 7 year warranty.

Maximum comfort

Internet module allows
for remote control of all units from via iOS,
Android or any other web enabled device

100% Czech

Product development and production

Inverter technology

Inverter drive available
22kW with electronic expansion valve
increasing appliance lifespan.

Reduced Fuel Bills

Thanks to Inverter technology, MasterTherm heat pumps can offer additional savings compared to alternative heat pumps on the UK market

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