Heat Pumps Master Therm

Why Master Therm?


MasterTherm is the largest Czech manufacturer with a wide variety of units available from Ground Source to Indoor Air Source units. In excess of 6000 installed globally.


Progressive technology including electronic refrigerant injection (EEV). Over a decade in the research and development of heat pumps.

Upgraded warranty

The basic warranty period of 3 years. Conditional full warranty 7 years for heat pumps in the product range. Functional system of preventive maintenance inspections. See more reasons.

Subsidies for Heat Pumps

The renewable heat incentive (RH) is a financial incentive scheme established by the Government
to increase the use of renewable heat across the UK and in turn reduce national carbon emissions

  • Domestic RHI Compliant
  • Non-Domestic RHI Compliant

Commercial Case Studies

Supercomputing center
IT4 Innovations, Ostrava

Heat recovery system. Cooling of the active elements of one of the largest supercomputers in the world is based on the direct cooling with water at 30-50 ° C. More »

Cooling cyclotron
Nuclear Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences

Multifunctional system uses water-water heat pump. Master Therm AQ180.2Z cascaded to provide cooling to the newly installed TR24 cyclic particle accelerator (cyclotron). More »


MCS Accreditation  
AquaMaster Combi
The new AquaMaster Combi receives MCS Accreditation from BBA.
Grand Designs Live
Visit our stand and view our complete range of heat pumps
Grand Prix award
Awards for heat pump
The expert jury at For Arch 2014 awarded the Grand Prix heat pump EasyMaster Indoor Split. Represent the original split (Split) construction of a heat pump for indoor installation.